Welcome to 5 Star Cleaning Services. A clean that you can trust!

Welcome to 5 Star Cleaning Services. A clean that you can trust! First of all thank you for choosing 5star cleaning services. This document outlines what you can expect from the service plus Terms and Conditions.

The booking fee covers administration and the placement of the cleaners. The remainder of the fee is paid directly to the cleaning team once you are satisfied with the clean. Please note: All our cleaners are independent contractors and they are paid directly by you. We allocate a professional cleaning team to your property to undertake a thorough top-to-toe clean of your property.

The cleaning plan, is designed specifically around your needs and priorities, in accordance with the areas ticked on the cleaning checklist only.

How to get the best from your Cleaning team:

  1.  Make sure all the tasks you would like completed are captured on the cleaning checklist. If there are areas outside the cleaning checklist that
    you want to be cleaned this is at the discretion of the cleaning supervisor on the day, the cleaners are NOT oblidged to clean any areas not specified on the cleaning checklist.
  2. If you need to cancel and change a date, you must provide 7 days prior notice, as once you have paid the deposit the team has been arranged and at that point your deposit is non refundable ( we offer 1 change of notice, if provided with a lead in time of 7 days).
  3. On the day of the clean itself show the cleaners the tasks that you want carried out on the day, including the most important areas for you.
  4. Aim to get the majority of the difficult or ‘most frustrating areas’ done in the 1st hour and a half. This means the cleaners have plenty of time to attend to the remaining areas on the checklist.
  5. Please note:
  6. It is your responsibility to check their work and make sure you are satisfied with the quality. If you are not fully satisfied with the quality of the clean, you can address this with the manager while the team are present in your property or, the cleaning team will stay and re-do any area to your full satisfaction.
  7.  However, if you sign the checklist and pay the team, then the payment becomes non-refundable once the cleaning team have left the building. As 5 star cleaning does not have any responsibility for the cleanliness of your  property, once the cleaning team are no longer in the property.

Terms and Conditions: Please be aware our cleaners are independent contractors. It is deemed you have been made fully aware of the terms of service in advance of the booking:

  • It is your responsibility to de-clutter the area before the cleaners arrive, this includes removing any clothes etc that are in wardrobes or on the floor.
  • Cleaners will only clean a kitchen if the presses are empty, they will not clean inside presses or shelves that have personal belongings, however they will clean around those areas.
  • If your cleaners need more time, usually, this can be arranged directly with your cleaners, this is: 20euros per hour, per cleaner.
  • The cleaning team are there to undertake deep cleaning only, they are not de-clutter experts or mould removal experts, some jobs require specialist services
    and the cleaning team reserve the right to refuse to clean any areas that are not of a ‘deep clean’ nature or would compromise their health and saftey.
  • The cleaning team are strictly prohibited from lifting heavy furniture, or cleaning anything that could potentially break. If this occurs, then having informed you in this document in advance. If any breakage or damage occurs…the agency accepts no liability whatsoever and any future resolution will be between you and the cleaner to resolve the issue – outside of the agency. Therefore, any dusting in behind areas such as beds, sofa’s etc. The agency requires you to move in advance of
    the arrival of the cleaning team.
  • It is your responsibility to check the clean at the end of the clean and to secure your property at the end of the clean. The agency is not responsible for any property which is not secured.
  • As the cleaning team are independent contractors, receipts can be given directly (on request),from the cleaners at the end of the clean. Receipts from the agency are issued on request, electronically (via email) once a month. If there are areas which require special attention…i.e… mould which requires attention in the bathrooms, we need to be made aware of this in advance please, as we cannot guarentee 100%satisfaction clean of a ‘specialist’ area if the team have not been informed in advance. The notes section on the righthand side of the checklist is availible to inform us in

What you can expect on the day:

  • Fully Trained, professional cleaners: Your cleaning team are professional cleaners, trained to ensure your home is cleaned with attention to detail, efficiency, as well as in the use of appropriate cleaning products.
  • Reference Checked: All our cleaners go through a strict vetting process, all our cleaners are legal to work in the country and have legal working visas. We also know the home addresses and hold IDs of all our cleaners on file, so you can be assured that the cleaning team in your home is tr ustworthy.
  • Quality Assurance Manager: You will be assigned a quality assurance manager, her job is the availible at agment and resolve any issues which may arise with the cleaning team.

COVID19 Health & Hygiene Protocols.

  1. Cleaners are advised to wash their hands with soapy water and bring their own gloves which they use when cleaning all surfaces and they then remove them from your premises.
  2. Wearing a mask, is at the discretion of the customer, cleaners will have one and can wear one if this is preferred.
  3. With regards to social distancing, if you can remain out of the house or in a separate room, when the cleaning is being carried out, this is recommended.
  4. Cleaners are advised to follow the HSE guidelines and stay at home, if they are feeling unwell and will rearrange an alternative date for the clean with the customer.
  5. Please note: Health and safety of the cleaning team are our top priority. If a cleaner cannot make the clean due to COVID or other illness and we reserve the right to cancel, due to unforseen circumstance we will contact you as soon as possible and a full return of your booking fee will be provided.

We are thrilled you choose to work with us!

Our customer happiness is very important to us, remember, if there is anything we can do to improve the service or make your experience better please let us know.

"5 - Star Cleaning Services is the only cleaning company in Dublin, who backs up our promises with a personal Quality Assurance Manager, dedicated to you!

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